“I have found the Back Vitalizer to be an excellent device that allows my patients to
improve their posture easily without effort and helps them hold their adjustments for longer.”

Dr ALEX BAXTER, Chiropractor, Mont Albert North, VIC, Australia

“I first encountered the Back Vitalizer only quite recently. My neurorehabilitation practice concentrates largely on vestibular disorders and the Back Vitalizer has complemented my patients’ balance rehab programs. It quickly became apparent to me that this device could also benefit many of my other patients, and indeed it has. The item is simply selling itself and I highly recommend it.”

Dr PAUL NOONE, Chiropractic Neuro-rehabilitation, Hampton East VIC,

 What the Clients Say:

Back Vitalizer Testimonials

I suffered a lot of back problems, lower back problems and sciatic nerve problems and I purchased this Back Vitalizer about 3 months ago, since then I used it every day.”

– RICHARD WINE, Toronto, Canada

“I been using the Back Vitalizer […] I find that my posture has improved tremendously”– CHRISTIAN FAIRCHILD, Toronto, Canada

“With the Back Vitalizer things have changed dramatically […] I don’t have the pain I used to have. […] It’s a wonderful, wonderful invention.”– JOSEPH SHERWIN, Toronto, Canada

“The Back Vitalizer has help me a great deal with my lower back pain.”– MARSHA SERRETTE, Toronto, Canada

“I have every back rest you can image but it’s not until I came across the Back Vitalizer that I think I have the perfect fit.”– NAOMI SKERETTE, Toronto, Canada

“It relieves your lower back pain [and] any tension you may have … it helps your posture … you can’t sloutch on it!”– XAVIER & LESLIE RAMIREZ, Toronto, Canada