Why are we so confident about Back Vitalizer’s™ benefits to you?

The Back Vitalizer™ has been tested, used and proven by leading doctors in over 400 cities and towns in USA and Canada and now in Australia. These doctors are so convinced of the benefits and efficacy of Back Vitalizer™ that they not only make it available to their patients but also use it themselves. Simply visit them and talk to them, and they will show you how this innovative product works.

Since its launch The Back Vitalizer™ has become an indispensable companion to thousands of people from all walks of life, and from all ages. Check out what they say about this special cushion.

The Back Vitalizer™ is the result of over 1200 experiments – its functions, efficacies, designs, materials, components, manufacturing, usability, customizability and portability – sponsored by Canadian National Research Council and Canadian Innovation Center, in collaboration with many leading doctors, researchers and engineers.

Many clinical studies have found that coordination training i.e. balance exercises, has been of benefit for people who have back pain and or balance disorders. People have reported requiring less medication and less recurrences of back pain after swapping their chair for balance devices like gym balls. Other researchers looking at concentration and study habits of children have also recommended that dynamic seating – which is what the Back Vitalizer’s™ provides – be available in schools and may assist children who attention problems.

Devices that map the distribution of sitting pressure, and others that record muscle activity reveal clear differences between what happens on a normal chair and what happens when a person uses a Back Vitalizer™.

The Back Vitalizer’s unparalleled medical efficacy and therapeutic benefits are yours to enjoy. Order now or find a local stockist.


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