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A number of innovative health care products are also available from our online store Fix Bad Backs.


The ideal companion to the Back Vitalizer cushion. The Comfy Cover works by retaining your body's natural warmth. It may be used on its own or as a cosy cover bringing soothing heat to the amazingly effective Back Vitalizer.

Perfect on the couch, at the office, in the car, going camping, at the footy or anywhere you feel the cold.

Thousands of free floating bubbles capture and retain body heat to prevent cold air from circulating. No electricity needed to create warmth, so it is safe and portable.

Available from our online store at Fix Bad Backs


You have probably never thought about what happens to your body every time you stay “slouched” at the desk or go out for a ride “hunched up” over the handlebars for hours at a time.

The problem is that the load on your neck and shoulders DOUBLES for every 2-3cm your head moves forward!

The result is that you can feel pain in the neck (which may radiate into the arm and hand), in the shoulders or in the upper back and may include symptoms other than pain, such as weakness, numbness or tingling. That extra effort needed to support the weight of the head may also cause a burning aching feeling along your back up to the base of your skull.

Some people may feel a tightness in their chest while others may experience dull persistent tension headaches. And these symptoms are a direct result of having to hold the weight of the head forward from where it's ideal position.

Now a safe and simple remedy, the PosturePole™ , is available from health professionals or through the web. It helps relieve tension, re-align your spine and gives quick relief in just 5-10 minutes! Read more

The PosturePole™ is available in Australia for just $99.95. That's nothing when it means you get quick, safe, drug-free relief. And it compliments and works beautifully with professional care! Order Now

Save time and postage and get your PosturePole™ from a local health professional near you. Click to Find a local stockist.