How it Works


Often the reason you suffer back pain when sitting, driving or working at a desk is simply because your internal body support structure needs to tense to support you in the upright ‘still’ sitting position. Whilst your body is quite capable of providing that tensioning it cannot be sustained for long periods without side effects and thus pain is the result.

That tension must be reduced or eliminated to relieve the pain and the simplest way to do that is to stimulate movement within your body structure.

The problem is that it is almost impossible when sitting on any surface because either your body moulds to suit the surface or the surface moulds to suit your body… the tension is locked in, rock solid.

When you sit on a normal chair this is what is happens…

Video 1
Normally, when you sit your body tends to slump causing your lower back to move back towards the backrest. This moves the pressure from your thighs and “sitting bones” towards your tail bone concentrating the pressure on a smaller area and increasing the incidence of pain. That’s the red area shown on the pressure map.


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Here’s how your Back Vitalizer works to relieve pain when you sit…

Video 2
When you place the Back Vitalizer between your bottom and the chair the gentle and on-going movement of the air cushion spreads the pressure over a wider area, activates the postural muscles and unlocks the tension that causes pain.

The yellow and blue areas on the pressure map show that wide area of reduced pressure.
Similarly, the on-going movement of the air cushion relieves tension and therefore pain when used for positions other than sitting.


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Working on the problem Canadian researchers discovered a unique way of encasing air so that it could continuously flow. The result is the Back Vitalizer™.

The Back Vitalizer™ consists of a specially designed rectangular air filled low back cushion that you can use either behind your low back or you can sit on it.

The product enhances the hydration of spinal discs, improves blood circulation to the tissues and helps to reduce back pain while you sit. The core muscles are activated to stabilize your pelvis on the air pocket. Like sitting on an exercise ball it activates your sense of balance while encouraging you to stay straight and tall.


It is extremely helpful for people who sit a lot and it feels remarkably comfortable. The simple compact design makes it ideal to use at work, at home, taken to sporting events, in your car or on an airplane.

How the Back Vitalizer™ performs it’s magic on…

BONES & DISCS – Your bones and discs love movement….

When you sit there is more pressure on the bones and discs of your low back than when standing. Over time the constant load causes compression with the individual vertebra (bones) moving closer together. This causes the discs – which act like spinal shock absorbers between each vertebra – to narrow and bulge out at the sides. This narrowing lets the bony parts of the vertebra, whose role is to smoothly link together and guide the direction of movement, gradually sink into each other and become more prone locking. This combination of compression and shifting where the load is carried may cause pain and degeneration.

The Back Vitalizer™ opposes these effects by providing spinal cushioning and allowing random gentle movement. This eases the effects of compression, allows the gentle shifting of load and provides for more variety in how a person sits.

MUSCLES- Your muscles and soft tissues love movement….

Muscles have many different and important roles in supporting your spine. There are very tiny muscles whose role is quickly detect any movement by a spinal joint, slightly bigger muscles to stabilize a single spinal joint, longer muscles that cross a number of vertebra to move or bend the spine, and then other muscles that increase intra-abdomenal pressure to stabilize the entire lower back region against load. These different muscles share some common features – they don’t like being kept still, and if kept still will fatigue and become uncomfortable.

The Back Vitalizer™ air filled cushion allows small gentle movements to refresh the muscles. This provides gentle stimulation, encourages blood flow into the tissues and allows different combinations of muscles to work together.

NERVES – Your nerves love movement…..

The spine has a rich nerve supply constantly sending and receiving messages to and from your brain. The incoming messages to the spinal cord and brain include information about movement, position sense, temperature as well as pain. Interestingly the messages about changes in movement, temperature and position sense also inhibit messages to do with pain.

Sense of balance and equilibrium depends upon a healthy nervous system. Your brain interprets all the information coming from your eyes, ears, spine and extremities to work out your position. The effect of lost movement or joint damage on your sense of balance is similar to the effect of having to look through foggy glasses is on your eyesight – both make your senses blurred and you become more prone to knocking into things and falling.

Clinical studies have found that some children with learning difficulties benefit from sitting on unstable surfaces that allow movement and therefore stimulation to the brain. Sitting on a device like the Back Vitalizer™ provides the opportunity to receive quiet ‘mechanical stimulation’ while sitting in a classroom. Allowing what is in effect ‘controlled fidgeting’ has been found to improve both concentration and classroom conduct of some children.

The Back Vitalizer™ allows gentle movement to ease pain while exercising and stimulating the muscles and the various parts of your body involved in balance and sense of position.