• Normally when you sit your body tends to slump causing your lower back to move towards the backrest. This moves the pressure from your thighs and ‘sitting bones’ towards your tail bone concentrating the pressure on a smaller area and increasing the incidence of pain. That’s the red area shown on the 1st pressure map.
  • When you place the Back Vitalizer between your bottom and the chair the gentle and on-going movement of the air cushion spreads the pressure over a wider area, activates the postural muscles and unlocks the tension that causes pain. The yellow, green and light blue areas on the 2nd pressure map show that wider area of reduced pressure. Similarly, the on-going movement of the air cushion relieves tension and therefore pain when used for positions other than sitting.

The Back Vitalizer™ is an amazingly effective air cushion where gentle and on-going movement of air is transmitted to the body structure. This unlocks the tension and almost instantly stops the pain.

Used by thousands of health professionals and people with back pain the Back Vitalizer™ gives quick and effective relief from pain.